Framework to Life

Framework to Life is about living life to your fullest potential within a framework that is built on Christ. There is no other foundation that is more sturdy and unbreakable than a relationship with Christ. Having faith in Christ will sustain you against anything that tries to keep you from his glory. Many people go alone trying to reach their dreams but never invite Christ into their lives. Their purpose in life becomes time limited, as if it has an expiration date on it. Having a relationship with God allows you to understand that your purpose in life is not just for this world but for God’s eternal Kingdom.

A relationship with Christ begins with renewing your mind and heart by establishing a new you through Christ like values and principles. Your foundation will stand strong through the wisdom and understanding of God’s truth of salvation.

So, the foundation is your relationship with Christ, but what about the framework itself? The framework is held together by three elements that are important to life, the mind, body, and spirit. These three elements together make up who you are spiritually, mentally, and physically. Your soul depends on all three to gain knowledge of God’s truth, understanding it and applying it throughout your life. Your soul is in the center of this framework. Your soul is the identity that God has provided you when you were physically born from your mother’s womb. Your spiritual birth on the other hand, is your connection to God through a rebirth, as Jesus explained to Nicodemus in the Gospel of John chapter 3.

The Framework, Mind – BodySpirit

The mind, body, and spirit are the three essential elements that need focus and attention daily, so you can stay balanced as you persevere fulfilling your purpose in this world.

These elements are the beams that surround your life and provide you with stability and balance. Keeping these elements balanced will keep you focused on what is important in life, such as your connection with Christ, your mind obtaining knowledge, and a body of good health.

As you invite Christ into your life, you become one with God. Your body becomes a temple for the Holy Spirit. Your spirit and the Spirit of God become united. So, everything that you do must represent Him who dwells within you. The standard is high, and it is hard to live righteously by His principles, but through self-discipline and perseverance, commitment to living righteously will be instinctive.

A daily feeding and balancing of the mind, body, and spirit will encourage you to be consistent and committed to maintain good physical health, keep the mind sharp and most important to be consistent in serving Christ. The Framework to Life offers encouragement  in all three elements to help you strengthen your faith while you achieve the plans God has for you.

I will introduce how these three elements work together to bring balance to your life, but first, I need to explain what the soul is in comparison to what the spirit is since they seem to be used in the same context more often than not.

The Soul and Spirit

Isn’t it our spirit that makes up the individual soul? This is the first question I thought to myself when exploring the thought between these two terms. A lot of times you hear the term soul used in the same context as spirit, but other times they will be spoken of as two separate entities. So the only way to really define the difference between the two was to look into the biblical definitions of both. I first had to define what the soul is, not just from a dictionary, but from Hebrew and Greek translations defined from scripture.

Looking into scripture (KJV), the term soul first appeared in Genesis 2:7;

“And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

In other translations the term “soul” appeared later in scripture but these other translations used the term “being” instead of “soul” for the same verse. As we see in the (NIV) version Genesis 2:7;

“Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.”

So, it seems like our soul is our living being. The term “being” meaning, existence of life, our actuality of who we are and what God made us to be individually. It’s basically the identity that God gives us when we are born. So, let’s keep this definition of the term “being” in mind as we dive into the definitions of “soul” and “spirit” from a biblical context. I researched the definitions under the Hebrew scripture which is the Old Testament, and Greek scripture which is New Testament.

The definition of soul in Hebrew and Greek is very much the same and is defined as “breath” or “breathing” (the act of breathing such as a human or animal from a literal sense). From a figurative standpoint it is translated as mentality, or body, inferring to our individuality which is our soul.

Spirit is defined as “wind” in both Hebrew and Greek translations. But the difference I notice in this definition compared to “soul” is that this definition mentions emotions of a rational being, which essentially refers to humans. The Greek translation defines spirit as a “current of air” that can come from a breath. This got me thinking about Genesis 2:7 again. When God formed Adam, He breathed into his nostrils and gave him life, and then he became a living soul. So, this tells us that the spirit is from God, which gives us life. Adam became a spiritual living being through the breath God blew into him. If God had never breathed into his nostrils, then Adam still could have been a physical living being but not spiritually alive. That breath from God was His Holy Spirit entering into Adam providing him eternal life. But of course, after the fall when both Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge, God basically gave mankind the choice to choose good or evil. By having faith in God your soul becomes united in spirit with Him, which predestines you to eternity with Him.

So, to summarize the difference between these two terms, I have come to the conclusion that we all have a soul as rational human beings. Our souls are immortal, but our physical bodies are not. For us to have a living spirit, we need to connect with God by allowing Him into our lives, so we can be spiritually alive as opposed to being spiritually dead which the Apostle Paul talks about in Colossians 2:13.

Having a living spirit dwelling within us basically provides our soul with direction. What I mean by direction is that it guides us to understand God’s truth and His principles for us to live by. This is where it makes sense in the definition of spirit when it alludes to the emotions of a rational being.


Up next I will discuss the Mind and Body elements of this framework. Stay tuned!


Mind, Body, and Spirit

The Framework to Life is shifting emphasis to something much larger than what I have been writing about since I first established it in 2015. I feel the Lord wants me to involve more of Him into the framework instead of just centering it around the success framework. I have always said the Lord is our foundation to our framework, but the framework itself cannot just be about achieving dreams and living out our purpose in life. I have come to a point where I need to focus more on the individual soul instead of the individual’s success. If we want to achieve our dreams and serve Christ through purpose, then we need to achieve it by having a strong relationship with Him. Our connection with Christ is done by allowing Him into our hearts and connecting His Spirit with our spirit. Our spirit becomes alive when we are in Him and He in us, and our soul becomes destined for eternity with Him.
I will begin this shift of focus with a series of posts about the mind, body, and spirit. I will present each as an element to the framework that centers around our individual soul. Stay tuned!


Actions not Words!

Who would’ve thought that the phrase “actions speak louder than words” was actually biblical? 😁

God’s Word is truth….now get out there and start making it happen!

Freedom through His Word

It is God’s Word that gives us freedom from sin and the distractions that hold us down from our purpose in this world.

Don’t just listen to God’s Word! Live God’s Word to your fullest potential and live out the amazing plan He has for your life!


Victory is not about the wins and losses. Victory is about giving everything you have and laying it out on the floor. It’s executing to the best of your ability and applying quality effort to your fullest potential. If you fail and then learn from that failure then that’s victory. Victory is not determined by stats and points. If you have to scrape yourself up off the floor because you gave it your all by doing what you were supposed to do, and the score board doesn’t go your way, then that is victory!

Remain victorious through commitment. This comes from being consistent and persistent with all the little things regardless of how hard and painful they are. If you remain committed to win, then the numbers you want will come naturally.




Happy 2018!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Let’s start 2018 with Christ in our minds and hearts as we glorify Him by living for Him in everything we do. Living with an eternal perspective encourages us to live with purpose.

If you want to make a change this year and need a resolution, think of the word “perseverance”. With perseverance comes consistency, and with consistency comes commitment. When you stay committed, you will see success towards achieving your goals. This year, persevere through every goal and every task as you live for Him.



All in God’s timing