Book is coming soon!

 This is a book that I am currently working on and soon to be published. I am not sure when but I will keep updating the status here and on Twitter #framework2life.

 The Framework to Life is about having a purpose in life through a relationship with God. Many go alone trying to reach dreams but do not invite The Lord Jesus Christ into their lives. Having a relationship with God allows you to understand what His purpose is for you so you can live prosperously under His glory. Believe it or not, if you establish a relationship with the Lord you will find out that His purpose for you is the dream you have been wanting all along.

The Framework itself is a set of principles that are based on common sense values that most of us really never take to heart. I will not mention them just yet, but as I get closer to publishing my book I will share with the world!

Author: Jason M. Rabago

Author of the Framework to Success and creator of the Goal TRACK method.

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