About the Framework to Life


The Framework to Life is about reaching success with a purpose in life alongside a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. It is living out your passion with an eternal purpose. Many people go alone trying to reach dreams but never invite the Lord Jesus Christ into their lives so their purpose in life becomes time limited, as if it has an expiration date on it. Having a relationship with God allows you to understand that your purpose in life is not just for this world but for God’s eternal Kingdom. If you are passionate about something and you have the desire to do it based on strong emotions, this may very well be your calling and your purpose from God, especially if these emotions are aligned with His righteous values.

A framework cannot stand without a solid foundation. The foundation of your framework is your purpose in life that has been nurtured through a relationship with Christ. The relationship begins with renewing your mind and heart by establishing a new you through righteous values and principles. Your foundation will stand strong through the wisdom and understanding of God’s truth of salvation.

To help you develop your own personal values, the framework comes with its own set of core values (click here).

The Framework

On top of your foundation, the framework is based on common sense principles that everyone already knows but does not really take into consideration that they all work in union with each other.  If you were to bake success in an oven, these four principles would be the only ingredients you will need. These four principles, Dream, Plan, Execute and Commitment work together and cannot live without each other. Let’s start with the first principle and how it becomes the most needed ingredient of the framework.


The first principle is having a dream, a dream that is fired up by a purpose. If your dream is not bonded to a purpose, which is your foundation, then there really is no stability for it. If you don’t know what your purpose is then start with obvious gifts that you believe are God given and look at what you love doing the most. Envision what you love and pursuing success from it. When you envision your success you have to look beyond your current life. You have to look beyond what is tangible and the circumstances that surround you. Can you see yourself becoming successful doing it?  You may be thinking it’s impossible or that there is no profit in it. If you are then, take off the earthly lenses and change your mindset to eternity. Success is not prosperity in your pockets but within your heart! Don’t let the world tell you what your purpose is, it’s between you and God. The road you take is up to you and God gave us this freedom so whatever journey you embark toward prosperity, make sure it is fueled by your purpose and that God is glorified in whatever it is you choose.


The second principle is creating a plan. You have to have direction to get to your destination. You have to make sure you are ready and fueled by the right mindset. The first step to planning is assuring you are mentally and spiritually ready. You have to establish the right values that become instructions written in your heart. Obtaining new values and renewing who you are will guide your decision making as you plan every step of the way to success. Once your heart is in the right place, then it’s time to plan goals that will route your journey. The goals you choose will be decided based off of your new mindset, this is why the first step to planning is to obtain the new you.


The third principle is execution. This is you in action. This is living to succeed while the world is living to survive. You have your dream, you have your plan, now it’s time to put it in motion with a heart driven mindset. It’s time to leave the comfort zone and go into battle. You will run into many obstacles and roadblocks throughout your journey but with the values you have established for yourself you will become a force that is unstoppable. During execution you have to stay in God’s Word to refuel your thinking and to keep your values strong to remain upright. You will realize that the old you will want to re-appear and impede your progress but you have to keep the full armor of God on to stay strong and remain faithful. You have to remain diligent through oppositions such as fear, disappointment, negative people, distractions and many more. Execution requires self-discipline and applying quality effort into everything you do toward success.


The last principle to this framework is commitment. This requires being faithful to your plan and to the Lord as you fulfill your dream. Commitment is the most important principle and this is where a lot of people fail to reach success. Commitment is the protective layer that surrounds all the other ingredients within this framework. You have to understand that this dream, this journey has an eternal purpose. This is where the heart continues when your mind doesn’t want to. This is perseverance, patience under pain, and the continuous nourishment toward faith in yourself and most importantly, faith in Jesus Christ.