Book is coming soon!

 This is a book that I am currently working on and soon to be published. I am not sure when but I will keep updating the status here and on Twitter #framework2life.

 The Framework to Life is about having a purpose in life through a relationship with God. Many go alone trying to reach dreams but do not invite The Lord Jesus Christ into their lives. Having a relationship with God allows you to understand what His purpose is for you so you can live prosperously under His glory. Believe it or not, if you establish a relationship with the Lord you will find out that His purpose for you is the dream you have been wanting all along.

The Framework itself is a set of principles that are based on common sense values that most of us really never take to heart. I will not mention them just yet, but as I get closer to publishing my book I will share with the world!

What’s your purpose in life?

This is a question that most people have no matter what stage in life they may be in. Have you ever taken a second to think about God’s purpose for you? Take some time to think about how God can use you for His purpose as you try and figure out how it becomes your purpose in life. As you live for the Lord, you have to think of your purpose as being eternal. As Christians we know where we’re going, so why live life through earthly lenses while trying to figure out what your purpose is? Why put an end date on it when you know that life on earth is just a temporary place! Look at the gifts and passions the Lord has given you? Think about the talents you have and the skills that you possess. Do you feel that God has given you these talents and interests to enhance your life and give you purpose? Absolutely! Living life with the perspective of living for eternity kind of changes how you view your purpose. How can you enjoy the life that God has given you if your purpose is just for this world? As you live for eternity, envision how you can glorify Him with what He has given you. There are many ways you can glorify the Lord with the talents and passions that He has provided you. You don’t have to go on mission trips around the world to glorify His name, you can glorify Him right where you are now doing whatever it is you love to do. Though mission trips may be the ultimate experience for believers, but they may not be for everyone and that’s what makes us all unique in God’s kingdom. People have passions for many different things. People who actually go out and serve the Lord under harsh conditions around the world have chosen that lifestyle because of passion! Your mission trip for the Lord started when you invited the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart because of passion! Since then, it’s been your mission to glorify His name in your everyday life.

I hope this clears things up when it comes to seeking out your purpose in life. The Lord wants you to love and be happy using the gifts He has given you but he wants you to live in faith and understanding of His salvation. He wants you to glorify Him through your actions so other people can recognize who He is through you.