Character and Conduct

An important feature of the Framework to Life and what will be an integral part of the content of the book is character. Character is important because it makes up who we are as beings and what people see on the outside. Most important, it is what God sees in our hearts as we live for Him.

Achieving success as you live for God’s purpose is no easy task and requires certain qualities. Qualities such as strength, courage, and perseverance are easy and quick to remember when you are talking about achieving success. The qualities I am referring to, however, are those of conduct which a lot of people tend forget about during times of struggle or in the heat of the moment. Most of the time life can get so busy that we easily forget about God’s Word and how He wants us to conduct ourselves. The more time we spend away from scripture, the more we separate ourselves from Christ. When I went through the Armor of God series last year, I mentioned that the only weapon we have is God’s Word which the Apostle Paul referred to as the Sword of the Spirit. Just like any sword used for battle, knowledge of God’s Word must be maintained and sharpened consistently. Our mind is what takes the knowledge of God’s Word in, before it is inscribed into the tablets of our hearts. Having consistent knowledge of His Word will keep us sharpened so we do not forget the principle values that we must strive to live by every day.

For this article I am listing a segment of scripture that relates to Godly character and conduct as a reminder for all of us. Everyone knows the fruits of the Spirit which Paul presented in Galatians 5. If you have not read Galatians 5 then I highly recommend you sharpen your sword over Paul’s words. Also read Colossians 3 for extra sharpening of character.

The segment I want to discuss is coming from the Old Testament in the Book of Psalms. Particularly Psalm 15 which is titled  “A Psalm of David”. This Psalm is about a person’s character as they dwell with the Lord. As you walk with the Lord throughout your life, do you exhibit the kind of character He wants you to project to the world? By looking at the character traits written in this Psalm, most of us can say, this looks pretty simple. But, think about how you conduct yourself during times of hardships and struggle. Do these character traits suddenly get thrown out the window?

I simplified each character trait from chapter 15 for easy reference and mixed in three different versions: NKJV, NIV, and ESV. When I read scripture I normally go through different translations to get a better understanding of God’s Word. Read through these traits below and ask yourself if this is how you conduct yourself as a child of God. If not then lets get to work. For me personally, I can say I have my weaknesses and I also have work to do.

Look at each character trait listed below and think of a recent time where you might have failed to meet one of the standards listed. Also, think about a time where you feel you exhibited this character. Its good to study God’s Word so we can see where we may  fall short and see where our strengths are when it comes to personal conduct.

Psalm 15


Light of the World

In Matthew 5:14, Jesus tells all of us to become the light of the world. As believers in Christ, we shine our light by displaying acts of righteousness and good deeds so others may see that and come to glorify Christ themselves. That is what we hope for!

As a Christian, we don’t see this as displaying acts, we see it as just living a life for Christ through Christ like character.

What you shine upon the world is based on the character you developed through the principles you choose to live by. Your character needs to grow everyday by reading God’s truth. As you stay consistent in His word you will notice your character transforming toward the kind of person God wants you to be.

light of the world_small

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Framework to Life Core Values

I added some core values to the Framework to Life that essentially set up the foundation. Like every house or building that is built, it starts on a strong foundation. Consider these values the materials that create the foundation for this framework to stand on.

Faith: This is having trust in what you cannot see in front of you. First, you must have faith in Jesus Christ that He is your Lord and Savior, and through Him, you will have eternal life. If you have faith in the Lord, you understand that faith in yourself becomes stronger because of the empowerment of the Holy Spirit that dwells within you. So everything you do as you strive toward achievement is driven by the Spirit as long as you have faith. Faith is the number one value, because without faith, the other values that follow are not as valuable.

Ambitious heart: This is your heart’s desire to achieve. Heart is the key word here. Without heart, there is neither true purpose nor desire. Your heart is the epicenter of everything you do, from the birth of your vision all the way to making it a reality. It’s what drives the character and attitude that shape who you are. Ambition keeps your heart pumping for the achievement that you desire.

Continuous Knowledge: Knowledge leads to understanding which results in wisdom. You must apply all knowledge that is relevant, so your vision is clear through understanding. Knowledge must flow continuously!

Quality Effort: Everything you do, and perform, toward achievement has value toward the end result. To give effort the most value, you have to strive for perfection with the understanding of how important it is toward your vision. No matter how small it is, if it is something that gets you closer to achievement, value every second of the effort as you perform to the highest standard. No one is perfect, but that does not mean we can’t strive for it.

Faithful Perseverance: Perseverance is your determination that will get you through the tough times and allow you to keep pushing toward achievement. If you add faith and perseverance together, this means you trust that the Lord will guide you, protect you, and be with you all the way to the end. Faithful perseverance is powerful and unstoppable!

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